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Dallas Songwriters Association

Grand Prize Judge, Roy Elkins, explains what makes "Say That You Love Me" a strong winner; "Very strong lyric, melody and hook.  Clearly written from the heart by a very good writer. The melody and lyric are so strongly connected, it feels as if the singer is “begging” throughout the song.  Obviously, relationship songs are a dime a dozen and it’s hard to create something unique that no one has done before.  This is unique and I believe it’s one of those songs that would make a life playlist of a 15 year old girl. She will probably remember this song when she is 50, as it is very memorable and speaks loudly to a specific audience."


Great American Song Contest

In his Review of "Say that you Love me", Vince a judge from the Great American Song Contest had this to say about Gracie's songwriting. "Each of these songs is impressive in its own way. Of [the songs submitted], this one [Say That you Love Me] is the most effectively realized. The Personifying title and hook captures the emotional fervor of the singer. it's a pleasure to hear songs as well written as this. CONGRATULATIONS I hope we'll hear more from you in the years ahead."

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